The 4 Tops That Are Must-Haves In My Closet

I remember reading an article that revealed the secret for a peaceful and happy life. According to the article, all you have to do is put a conscious effort into keeping things at a minimum. In other words, less is more.

I admit, my life is hectic. So, I took the information in this article seriously. Looking at my own situation, I asked if there were aspects of my life where I could simplify or minimize. There were a lot!

Many people find it easy to acquire things but find it difficult to get rid of those things by choice. That is why living with less is a challenge for me. I decided to begin minimizing by clearing out my closet. Most women will agree that closets can hold years worth of clothes that may not have seen the light of day, or night, in months, or years, in some cases.

First, I had to decide which items were closet essentials or fashion staples. I’m a shirt/blouse kind of person, rather than a dress girl. So, when I prioritized, my list included the tops that are must-haves in my closet. These are the clothes I simply cannot do without.

Plain White Tee

I basic appareladmit a plain white tee may seem boring to some, however I find that this is the most versatile piece of clothing in my wardrobe. A plain white tee can be work in many different styles. During the week you could wear the same shirt and many people would not even notice you were repeating. And you never have to worry about over-accessorizing when you wear a white tee, so you can show off your accessories. White tees are comfortable and give you a clean, fresh appearance.
Stiped Blouses and Shirts

I’ve been hunting for the perfect striped blouse since I saw Kate Midleton wearing one with denim and flats. I finally found it. MilkTee is an online shop that specializes in stylish, yet simple apparel. Luckily they have a number of striped tops in their leading collection. That made it east to find the right one. MilkTee also has other tops in their blouse collection that can easily become staples in my closet.

Striped shirts are simple, yet stylish. They don’t have the flash of a floral or patterned shirt, but can be just as attractive. They fit almost every season, unlike florals which may be restricted by the current trends. My striped tops are some of the most overused items in my wardrobe. Although I am minimizing, I’ve decided to keep three of these striped tees.


If you’re a working girl who isn’t in love with corporate dresses and tailored suits, then a button down can quickly become your best friend. A button-down looks professional enough for a day at the office, but can also be tossed on to run some quick edenim_shirt_and_leggingsrrands. You can pair it with an A-type dress or skirt or dress down with denim and sneakers. The button down shirt you choose should be made of a good material so that it is comfortable to wear all year long.

Cover Ups

This is another piece of apparel I discovered on MilkTee’s website. A cover up is great when paired with their tops. These are comfortable and affordable. A good cover up can help to create a unique style for your casual outfits. For example, if you plan to wear a white tee and pants outfit, you can add a cardigan blazer and power up your look. A cardigan blazer is more comfortable than the traditional blazer. I have three coverups that are staying in my closet, a denim jacket, a black cardigan blazer, and a bright red cardigan.

Fashion staples are the items that you like to wear that are versatile, so you can wear them in different ways. These items deserve a space in your closet.

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