Car Rentals At Penang Airport

Flying internationally is a challenge in and of itself; arranging additional transportation before and after you fly can complicate your planning process considerably. Whatever plans you do make need to be kept flexible. You should be able to deal with delayed, rescheduled, or canceled flights without starting all of your plans over from scratch.

Renting a car is an extremely popular way to fill in the need for local transportation in the Penang area. You can pick up a rental car at virtually anytime and use it to reach any destination. Of course, car rentals are fairly complex transactions even within one’s own country; renting a car when you also have to deal with a different culture and a language barrier becomes difficult. If you want to rent a car at the Penang airport with a minimum of hassle, take advantage of the following tips.
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1) Let Online Reviews Help You

You might not have anyone in the local area who you trust to make recommendations regarding rental agencies when you’re flying into a foreign city like Penang. Online reviews can often fill this role for you. Although you should take every piece of information you find online with a grain of salt, reviews can warn you away from some obviously bad choices.

2) Start Planning Early

The one place you don’t want to start making your plans for renting a car in Penang is in the airport itself. Last-minute rental arrangements leave you open to the machinations of opportunistic vendors who won’t hesitate to oversell you or even subject you to an outright con.

Planning out your rental in advance is an excellent way to protect yourself from unexpected difficulties and keep the entire process streamlined. You may even be able to arrange your booking online before you arrive, leaving nothing for you to do after you land beside presenting a printout to the agent.

3) Work With A Travel Agency

Even though you won’t find any shortage of customer service specialists at the Penang Airport who speak both English and Malay, you’ll be amazed by how rapidly a minor linguistic misunderstanding can throw off a rental deal.

One great way to minimize the odds of suffering a serious “lost in translation” error is to work with an experienced travel agency that handles plenty of Malaysian business. This is rarely the very cheapest way to rent a car, but the greater simplicity and reliability of the process is generally worth the slight extra expense. Having a travel agent on your side also gives you someone to consult with at any time if you need assistance or advice about your car rental.

Whether or not you choose to work with an agent, the real key to having a good car rental experience at the Penang Airport is to exercise a little common sense and make your rental plans well in advance. As long as you give the matter the attention it deserves – long before your plane touches down in Malaysia – you shouldn’t have any trouble securing a reliable and affordable rental.

If you are looking to rent a car at Penang airpot, here is another alternative car rental company:
Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures
Address: 2-2-12B, University Place (Plaza Ivory), Halaman Bukit Gambir, 11700 Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia
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